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March 26, 2013
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'Eccoti qua, Lovina!' Yelled out a tall Southern Italian young man with dark-ish brown hair, standing behind her and taping her shoulder harshly to make her pay attension and it worked, he heard a very soft sigh before she looked up directly at him with a frown across her forehead. 'Cosa?' She replied in a very grumpy tone, looking back at the view in front of her with her arms crossed angrily when suddenly, a heavy and cold blow of wind passed them. Making Romana tug her legs closer to her chest and holding onto her arms while feeling herself shiver. Her eyes shut tightly.
Romano chuckles but then sighed while undoing his belt just to take off his brown military jacket, placing it on her shoulders as he took a seat in front of her. 'That's what you get for wearing short sleeved on high grounds.'
'Uh...' She started quietly but just stayed silent as her eyes stayed forcus on him, pulling onto the side of the jacket closer to her, feeling his warmth against her cool skin. She bit her bottom lip and slowly moved closer to him without having him to realize it but when she saw him looking at her with his pupils on the side of his ears, she jumped and looked away, getting a large blush to appear across her face. 'G-Grazie...'
Romano scoffed in annoyance but he kept leering at her and couldn't help but just think.
He then didn't know what to do and inside, he was panicking, his feelings were all over the place and his head was yelling in arguments but - why? Why was he acting so strange around her? And why now? Even he was trying to find a right answer to his own behaviour.
Out loud, he groaned in frustration, shaking his fingers through his hair, making a big mess. The Southern female turned her head, blinking a couple of times as she watched every movement he did, she reached out her arm and poked his cheek, he stopped, not making a fool of himself anymore. He felt his face heat up and turn into a deeper red when she approached her face closer. He stuttered as he tried to speak, waving both of his hands in front of himself. He fell on his back with a yelp escaping his mouth, spreading out his arms.
'Umm... Lovino..?' Romana called out to him. She climbed on top of him, her legs pressed against his waist and hands flat onto the grassy ground, she reached one of her hands and pinched his cheek. He sat up immediately nearly making her loose her balance so she gripped onto his shirt. Romano groaned in pain, rubbing two fingers against the red mark on his cheek and opening his eyes half way. 'Ow! S-Sheesh-' His eye twitched and he froze in place, as he saw how close she was, sitting on his laps and feeling her large chest against his.
'Are you ok, Lovino?' She asked, lifting up her head but no reply was heard and that made her worried. She grabbed onto his shoulders and shook him, watching his head rock back and forth. Then, after a couple of shakes, he held onto her wrist and pushed her off gently, standing up with his head dropped to the floor, hiding the massive blush across his face. As he tried to speak, his voice kept getting stuck up. 'I-I-I-I'm g-going b-b-back home!' Romano turned his back to her, walking rapidly back home. 'Ehi, aspetta!' She exclaimed loudly, also standing as she followed Romano's step, running while holding tightly on his jacket that was flowing along with the wind. He didn't have the courage to stop nor look back.
He slide his hands into his pockets and walked a little faster when he heard her voice approaching. She's killing me... He thought to himself, with a tiny smile appearing onto his face.
A selfcest! :dummy: I'm starting to love S. Italy x Female! S. Italy! *v*
Picture DOES NOT (Obviously) belong to me! It was found here: [link]
And I got inspired by the song She's Killing Me by A Rocket To The Moon. :love:

Eccoti qua = Here you are
= What?
Grazie = Thanks
Ehi, aspetta = Hey, wait!
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