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December 8, 2012
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Waiting for your, call I'm sick, call I'm angry;
Call I'm desperate for your voice.
Listening to the song we used to sing.
In the car, do you remember?
Early Summer.
It's playing on repeat;
Just like when we would meet.
Like when we would meet.

He came home soaking to the bone wet. He clacked the door behind him; the noise echoing the room. Water from his hair dropped to the floor across the wood. He took a couple of steps weakly. He foldered down his coat on the edge of the corner of the sofa and kept looking down. You couldn't see it but tears were sliding down his face, his hands were fists and his teeth grittered together, hard enough to show anger. Blood and bruises all over her body, mostly his face. He fell down to his knees and closed his eyes tightly, letting the tears come down faster. He banged his fists down in front of him and started screaming; lifting his head to look up to the cieling.

I was born;
To tell you I love you.
And I am torn;
To do what I have to.
To make you mine;
Stay with me tonight.

Upstairs was laying in bed, Alfred. His eyes, suddenly opened to look at the empty side next to him which wasn't new. A smile appeared on his face as he reached down to the floor and ran out of his room, rushing down the stairs. 'Big brother-!' He started. At the view in front of him; his eyes stared wide open and the smile disappeared from his face. He slowly approatched him. Now, Arthur was leaning wet against the back of the couch. The tears were still sliding and they wouldn't stop from forming in his eyes. He slowly turned his head and looked at Alfred with a weak smile.
Alfred frowned sadly and watched him with terrified eyes. His body was shaking very much but he still took steps towards his brother. He placed his hand on his wet hair and took it away, shaking off the water. So, he sat next to him and looked up. It wasn't the first time Arthur came home like this. Everyday, every week, every two weeks, every months; New bruises, new opened wounds. Alfred was scared to look up but he did anyway as he felt a hand on his head; stroking his hair.
'Again, big brother..?' Alfred asked. Arthur smirked at himself and leaned back his head, nodding.
'Will... Will you go back?' Arthur's face didn't show any expressions each time Alfred asked him that question because he knew the answer well. He looked at his injured thigh and started gritting his teeth again. The tears were also starting up again, Alfred looked away.
'The war hasn't ended yet, Alfred. I need to fight, I need to win. I don't want you to have such a horrible life because of my lose.' Arthur stood up weakly; almost falling backwards as he took a step forward and got ready to leave once again. Tucked in his shirt and put on his coat.
'You're leaving already? But you just got home, can't you stay a while longer?!' Alfred shouted softly as he also stood up.
'I have to. I just came home to check on you, to see if you were ok, Alfred. But until war isn't over; I have to go, no time to rest.' He got a grip around the handle of the door and opened it, feeling a long and powerful blow of wind across his face. He breathed in and out and opened his eyes to the out doors. Alfred rushed behind him and pressed his forehead against his back. 'No, big brother!' He yelled. His arms wraps around him tightly and couldn't hold back the tears any longer.
Arthur smiled, relaxing his body and sighed hopelessly. 'This is the only place where you're safe Alfred. If I don't ever come back-'
'DON'T SAY THAT!!!' Arthur's face lifted up and looked at the stormy clouds, pouring down the rain harder than before. 'Just listen to me, Alfred. If I don't come back for you, I want you to stay strong and not to worry about me.' He heard the sobs and the sniffs behind him, he felt Alfred's grip getting tighter. 'B-Big brother..!' He stuttered along the sob that came.
Arthur stepped forwards harshly which made Alfred loose hold of him, whipping his tears away. He bent down in front of him and pulled him into a hug. 'I love you... My little brother.' Was his last whisper before turning around and stepping outside. Alfred reached out his arms and ran after him slowly. 'N-NO!!!' He yelled. Arthur stops for a second then kept on walking.
Arthur hide his face filled with tears and walked faster without looking back. Behind him, Alfred was following him, trying hard to run but was too weak to. After he wasn't seen any longer. Alfred fell down to the muddy ground; the tears attacking his cheeks. Filled with anger, he screamed out as loud as he could, 'BIG BROTHER!!!'
Picture was found here >>> [link]
The song lyrics are here >>>[link] And be sure to listen to THAT song while reading.

Please, if anyone cried while reading this, I'm very sorry.

[[And this story is part 2 of [link] "I'll Be Back Soon, Alfred."]]
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