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Chapter Two - I Won't Let Myself Get Seduced [Hungary's P.O.V] :

A hand layed on my cheek. Freezing finger tips laced the skin covering my eyes to my lips. 'Wake up, Elizaveta.' I slowly opened my eyes, still very sleepy. I blinked and sat up, wanting to rub my eyes but couldn't reach up to my face. I was forced to lift up my head and I saw a blurry figure in front of me. 'Oh, right. Sorry.' I heard the chains falling violently to the ground, making a rattling of noise which was very loud to my ears. I shook off my arms and finally got to reach my face, rubbing my eyes. I closed them for a while then opened them, seeing Adrian in front of me. 'What do you want?' I asked, frowning.
'Dinner is ready,' he said calmly. I stood up in front of him and took steps towards the door. 'You could at least have knocked and called me out.' I opened the door and stepped out the hallway with him beside me. He placed his hand on top of mine and closed the bedroom door as I let go of the handle. 'I did. Sadly, I didn't get a respond from the other side so I came in,' As he told me that, he grabbed a long side of my hair, placing it near his nose. I saw a smirk appear across his face, showing his fangs on his bottom lip. I didn't show it but my teeth were grittered together and a light of warmth so sudden attacked my cheeks and I was heating up. 'I won't do it again, my dearest.'
'You better not!' I smacked his arm away from my hair and turned around, going down the first step. I opened my eyes with a sigh and saw him at the bottom of the stairs holding out his hand in front of him. As I came down, holding up my dress to make way for my feet so I wouldn't fall over, I got to the last step and placed my hand on top of his. He dragged me to the dining room where the large dinner table was located and pushed my chair backwards for me to sit down which I did. In front of me was tonights dinner. Not like usual. He pushed my chair forward and bent down beside me, sniffing my hair from under my neck. 'Enjoy your meal, Elizaveta.'

I stayed calm even though my heart was pounding inside my chest like a fire alarm. I watched him as he made way around the table and sat down on the other side. I grabbed a fork and a knife, putting them down on the plate, 'I shall, Adrian.'
Picture found here >>> [link] Again, I am NOT sure who is the real artist of this piece of art work.

Faster way to get you located to chapter one ---> [link]
Chapter three: [Not Yet Uploaded!]

Since România doesn't have a human name, I've decided to let people choose which name would be better between Adrian or Gabriel. And Adrian had 8 votes while Gabriel was left to have only 4 votes.
Thank you for those people who choise.
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