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December 1, 2012
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She opened her eyes to a room that still looked unfamiliar, she forced herself up, getting her foot out of the blanket and sitting to the edge of the bed. She looked down at her feet and pressed her fingers tightly onto the mattress. She looked up to see the door opening very slowly with a man; light silver hair and deep red eyes peeking his head out.
'Hey, Lili.' He said quietly. He stepped into the room, half closing the door behind him and leaning against the wall with one of his arms around his stomach underneath his t-shirt, the other reached out and palm out to hide his mouth as he yawned. She simply waved. 'Just here to tell you breakfast is ready.'
'When is big brother going to come back?'
He shruged. 'I'm not sure, Lili. All I know is that it won't be very soon, your brother's at war, it takes time,' he approatched her; proposing his hand. 'In the meantime, your brother wants me to take care of you, alright?' She nodded and slipped her hand in his. He pulled her back to her feet; making her meet the ground. She had chills going up her back from how cold the floor was against her feet but she stayed silent.
He walked to the door and opened it, stepping back into the hallway and Lili closing the door behind her. She looked up at him and shook his sleeve. 'U-Umm, G-Gil..?' He turned his head and looked down at her before taking another step forwards towards the staires. 'What is it?' He asked.
'What exactly are we having for breakfast?' She replied.
'Bread with cheese and butter, you can chose. I also tried making some sugar filled waffles but they look a little burned, I tried my best.'
'I thought you were calling yourself "awesome." Was I wrong?' His expression stayed blank and for a couple seconds he didn't say a work or moved a muscle. She tilted her head over. He tried not to show that he was angry, he kept his cool and shakly smiled at her. 'N-Nevermind what I say, ok?' She nodded. Her turned back around and put his foot on the step of the staires. 'Hehe.. Although, I am awesome..!'
'Did you say something, Gil..?'
'N-No, don't worry, Lili.'
'Ok... If you say so.' She followed him downstaires; she took each step down slowly which Gilbert was actually not bothered by. Once crossing the living room, both entered the kitchen. Lili's eyes stares wide at the dinner table filled with delicious foods. Different breakfast from yesterday and the day before, he actually did put a lot into making a proper breakfast. She let go of him and slowly approatched the table. She raised her eyes and saw that Gilbert pushed the chair for her to sit down and she was a little surprised. First time he actually did that for her especially in the morning and it was quite awkward.

Lili sat at her seat and felt herself vibrate as Gilbert pushed the chair back. He sat next down beside her and a smile appeared onto his face as he watched her exploring the entire table looking for something "good" to eat. He grabbed the plate of waffles and placed it in front of her. 'Any waffles?' She blinks. Reaching out her hand and grabbed one of the waffles covered with sugar and melted chocolate; she opened her mouth wide and grabbed a bite, chewing slowly to be able to taste the flavour. 'I-It's good.' And another bite.
'You really like it?!'
She swallowed. 'Yes.' An urge to reach out his arm and touch her cheeks were building up in him which was very strange coming from a boy like Gilbert. 'Oh, wait, I forgot the bowl of strawberries. Would you like some?' Lili stood up and got behind her chair. 'I'll go get them if you want. Are they in the fridge?'
'Yes, of course but-'
'I could go get them if you want, they're just behind the counter-'
'No, I want some orange juice anyway so it's fine.' She bowed her head and walked around the table, almost tripping over the chair that was next to Prussia. Lili went around the counter and walked close to the fridge; opening the door. She looked around and finally found the bowl up above her head which she grabbed and placed on the counter behind her and then grabbed the large bottle of juice close to the milk. She closed the fridge door with her foot gently, not trying to fall over. She tried grabbing the strawberries and she did, putting the bowl on the lid of the bottle of orange juice. She walked very slowly, trying not to be as clumsy as she is. But when she tryed turning around the counter the bowl was about to fall to the floor.
'G-Gilbert..!' Back at the table, he moved his head back and saw that she was having trouble with carrying the two item's. He sighed in annoyance and stood up straight away, he walked towards her and reached to the grab the bowl of the lid. Lili also moved forward. 'W-Wait, I'm going to-' As she was about to finish her sentence, she placed her foot onto his; making him yelp a little from the pain of squeezing his foot and she slipped, about to fall to the floor. Luckily, Gilbert once opened his eyes and grabbed onto her waist but as he was moving forward he also fell. Strawberries all over the floor along with juice and broken glass from the bottle.
'U-Uh...' She groaned loudly, it seems like she was getting water-y eyes for her clumsiness. She took some strawberries out of her hair, turning pink and moved her legs away from Gilbert's waist. She looked down and saw Gilbert rubbing his forehead so she reached her finger and felt a small bump. He groaned silently that sounded like a chuckle. 'I'm sorry, Gil...'
He held onto his forehead as he lifted up his head, 'A-Are yo-' But for such a sudden, he couldn't finish his sentence as he realized that his lips was pressed against Lili's. Both their eyes were staring at each other so pale and empty and shockly. But for a minute, one or the other didn't pull away.

Lili gently pulled against his shoulders and moved her head back, lacing around her lips with her index finger. She was speechless.
As a surprise, Gilbert got a smile on his face and his eyes returned to normal; no longer shocked but the blush became deeper to his cheeks as he tried to speak. 'L-Let's clean up, o-ok Lili?' He stood and reached out his hand. Lili reached out her's and begun to shake as she met her hand with Gilbert's. 'Mm!' She nodded, smiling weakly as she was pulled up; getting her chest close to his and recognizing that she slowly moved backwards which she whispered, 'I'm sorry.'
He shook his head and stroked her hair; running his fingers carefully down to her neck. 'It was only a kiss.'

I'm not sure where this is gonna go;
But in this moment all I know.
Is the skyline, through the window,
The moon above you and the streets below.
Hold my breath as you're moving in;
Taste your lips and feel your skin.
When the time comes, baby don't run, just kiss me slowly.
Song lyrics from the end here >>> [link]
(I ship Prussia x Liechtenstein)

Image drawn and belongs to ---> :iconhappymayura:
Thank-you so much for accepting for me to use your wonderful drawing! :meow:
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